Knowledge Management Overview

Knowledge Management Overview

Knowledge Management plays an important role in any organization, and especially so in a service-oriented business unit.

The goal of Knowledge Management is to capture, curate and share knowledge, and make it available to the right person at the right time. This knowledge can be accessed via the web, via the Dekstop edtion, or by being attached to an outgoing email.

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A knowledge base article is basically a document that you create (or import from external sources) that captures corporate information that is useful in resolving problems, incidents, or just as a reference about any topic. A knowledge base article in HelpMaster contains a text field that stores this information as either plain text, or HTML, and is then classified by various codes and meta data such as:

  1. An article ID for easy reference
  2. A title for the article
  3. A short summary of the article
  4. The details of the article
  5. Keywords to make searching fast and easy
  6. The issue it applies to using the same issues as jobs for cross-referencing
  7. Other similar, or linked Knowledge Base articles
  8. A general classification category to help define context
  9. A rating system to monitor the article’s performance
  10. The dates the article was created and last modified

Icons used throughout HelpMaster

Knowledge base

Knowledge base articles can be linked to one another to give the reader a greater base to work with. See Creating a new Knowledge Base Article.

How the knowledge base is used by HelpMaster

Once a knowledge base article is created, it can be used throughout HelpMaster in the following ways:

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