Filter and Workflow - Job and Action templates

Filter and Workflow - Job and Action templates

After an email has “passed” the filtering system, the next stage of the processing is to do something with it.  This means either…

  1. Logging a new job by using a Job Template
  2. Updating an existing job by using an Action Template
  3. Moving the email to another email folder.

When Job templates are added, the Action template that is linked to it is also displayed.  The Job template defines the job structure, the action template defines the assignment, status and outgoing email.

Note:  It is possible to include more than one template per profile.  This is used when your filters paths create multiple outcomes.  Each outcome can be linked to a different template.

Template Modifiers

A powerful way to improve workflow and cut down on the number of Email Manager profiles is to use Template modifiers.  A template modifier is used to change the values of certain properties in an existing template.  Template modifiers can be used to change the following properties of a Job or Action Template.

Job Template Modifiers

  • Job type Change the value of the Job type property
  • Contact type Change the value of the Contact type property
  • Priority Change the value of the Priority property
  • Issue Change the value of the Issue property

Action Template Modifiers

  • Job status Change the value of the Job status property
  • Assignment Change the value of the Assignment property.  Use this for when your filters detect something that should be assigned to a particular staff member, or skillgroup.
  • Action summary Change the value of the Action summary property

When a template modifier is used, the property in the template is temporarily over-ridden for the just the filtering instance that is being considered.  The actual template itself will not be updated.  Think of a template modifier as a temporary, “on-the-fly” adjustment of a template for certain properties only.

Note! Template modifiers can be used in 2 different places - either in the Action Template object itself, or as a single in-line modifier object placed in the filtering logic. When both types of modifiers are used in the same filtering processing path, the last in-line modifier will always be applied instead of any modifier within the Action Template workflow object.


Template modifiers can be used in filters when a certain type of condition has been detected.  Template modifiers are used anywhere before a template.

Depending on which template modifier type you select, you can select from a pop-up box the value that you wish to over-ride the template with.

In this example, if the email subject or message contains the word “urgent”, a Job Template modifier is used to adjust the Priority of the job template for this use only.  If the email subject or message does not contain the word “urgent”, the regular Job template priority would be used.