Extending HelpMaster overview

Extending HelpMaster overview

HelpMaster has been designed to be extensible so that it can integrate with other systems and processes that you may use at your organization. Integration and extension to HelpMaster is achieved via the following ways.


The HelpMaster WebAPI provides a developer interface to database and key HelpMaster functions. It can be used to integrate HelpMaster with other systems and processes. The WebAPI deployes with a Swagger interface for ease of use, testing and documentation.


HelpMaster ships with an application programming interface (API) that Microsoft .Net developers can use to program directly against a simplified HelpMaster object model. The HelpMaster API .dll exposes functions, methods and properties that can be used to develop custom solutions. For futher information about the HelpMaster API, please refer to the on-line HelpMaster API discussion forum. It is recommended that developers use the WebAPI mentioned above instead of this .dll approach.

Custom add-ins

Custom add-ins allow custom-built extensions to be easily added and tightly integrated within the user interface of HelpMaster. Each custom add-in that is created is displayed as a new “tab” on either the Client, Site, Asset or Job screen within HelpMaster. Check out the Google Maps Integration as an example of what’s possible.

Custom add-in .dll can be created in any .net language.

Workflow possibilities for integration

The workflow and process engine of HelpMaster allows flexible and powerful process management. By combining workflow elements, and using workflow objects such as database and/or Powershell scripting, it is possible to create custom integrations and workflow processes. Combining the Powershell capabilities with Microsoft/Google API integrations can lead to some very interesting and powerful integrations.

Database possibilities for integration

HelpMaster uses Microsoft SQL Server as its database. SQL Server features many powerful programming structures and integration mechanisms. Through the use of Triggers, Stored procedures, Views, tables and functions, it may be possible to create a custom solutions for your integration requirements.

Need a custom integration built for you?

If you require a custom-built plug-in/extension/report/database/web API whatever… but don’t have the time, or the know-how to do it, please contact PRD Software to discuss your custom integration needs. Our team of developers who make HelpMaster can help you.

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