Attachments Administration

Global settings and administration

All attachments that are linked to any HelpMaster entity (Client, site,asset etc) are stored in a central location as per the Attachments Working Folder Location.  A reference (link) to the attachment is stored in the HelpMaster database.  The Attachments Administration screen can be used to check the consistency between the physical attachment on disk, and the database link.  Sometimes these may get out of sync.  This can happen when a physical attachment on the file system is renamed, deleted, or otherwise unaccessible.

Use the radio buttons along the side to display the attachments.

Right-click on any attachment for options. 

Excluded Attachments

All image attachments that are linked to a HelpMaster entities are scanned and indexed as part of the linking process.  As such, HelpMaster can uniquely identify each image.  Sometimes it is desireable to exclude a certain type of image from being attached.  This is particularly relevant when using the Email Manager to automatically convert email into jobs.  Often when this happens, the Email Manager will include all image attachments found in the email - even signature graphics and other non-essential images.

Storing email signature images can bloat your file system and HelpMaster database unnecessarily.  

Use the “Add Exclusion” button to browse to an image file and add it as a global exclusion.

Alternatively, you can globally exclude an image from any Attachments tab on any of the entities.  Right-click the attachment and select “Globally exclude this image”.


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