Database version check

Database version check

Over time and according to maintenance requirements, it may be necessary to update either the structure or the content of the HelpMaster database. For this reason, each time any executable component of the HelpMaster suite begins, it will check the version of the database in order to determine if the database is sufficiently up to date for the application to run. In the event that the database version is not the most recent, the following screen will be displayed.

HelpMaster Database versioning error

If you see this screen, this means that you are running a component of HelpMaster that is expecting to find a “newer” database. This may be due to the fact that you have just updated your HelpMaster installation, but have not yet patched or updated your database.

To fix this, upgrade your database using the Database and Reports Wizard. Once the database version matches the HelpMaster version, you should be able to log in again.

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