The HelpMaster Installer

The HelpMaster installer is an all-in-one installer for all HelpMaster components

The HelpMaster installer is packaged as either an executable file (.exe), or as a Microsoft Installer (.msi) file. Both options are available in 32bit, or 64 bit variants. Each installer can install all of the HelpMaster modules, which include:

  • HelpMaster core files and .exe application
  • HelpMaster Services
  • HelpMaster Web Portal
  • HelpMaster Database and Reports Wizard
  • HelpMaster Job Monitor
  • 3rd party dependencies

.msi or .exe?

The .exe file contains HelpMaster, Crystal Reports runtime engine, SQL Server 2016 Express, SQL Server SMO, SQL Server Native Client, SQL Server CLR Types, Microsoft WebView2, Microsoft .net core hosting bundle and other installation dependencies.

The .msi files only contain the HelpMaster executables. It does not contain SQL Server, the Crystal Reports runtime engine, the Microsoft WebView2 control, or any other product dependencies. The .msi is only included here for those who only need to install the HelpMaster Desktop on client machines and wish to do so via a .msi rollout. Such installations will not be able to run reports unless the Crystal Reports runtime is installed as a separate installation.

It is recommended that you use the .exe version for all HelpMaster installations, and only choose the components that you wish to install.

The .exe installer will extract all of the files and components that it will use to C:\Users\Public\Documents\HelpMaster Installer

32 bit or 64 bit?

If using Microsoft Outlook with HelpMaster, you need to use the same bitness version that Outlook is using on that machine. ie. If you use the 32 bit version of Outlook, you’ll need the 32 bit version of HelpMaster.

You can use a mixture of 32 and 64 installs throughout your business as per individual machine configuration. Both 32 and 64 bit HelpMaster modules can connect to a 32 or 64 bit SQL Server.

Bear in mind that HelpMaster can send email using SMTP connections to on-line email sources - you do not need to have Outlook, or use it to send email if you have other options.

64 bit version can only be installed on 64 bit operating systems and requires a 64 bit version of Microsoft Outlook.

Run the HelpMaster installation .exe and follow the on-screen prompts. Accept the license terms and click through to Choose Setup Type.

Choose Setup Type

Select the setup type required and continue until installation begins.

MSI Switches

The HelpMaster installation package uses Microsoft Windows Installer echnology. This means that it can be also installed via a command line interface by using the Microsoft MSIEXEC tool.

The following values can be used for the INSTALLLEVEL property.

Install Level / HelpMaster component

1 Core Components

10 Desktop

20 Database Wizard

30 Email Manager

35 Email Manager Service

40 Priority Manager

45 Priority Manager Service

50 Active Directory

55 Active Directory Service

60 Automation (Triggered Events)

65 Automation Service

70 Web Portal

MSI documentation and switches can be found at the Microsoft MSDN website here,

.MSI switch examples

Silently install just the Desktop components

msiexec /i c:\hmpsuitsetup.msi INSTALLLEVEL=10 /q

Silently install everything

msiexec /i c:\hmpsuitsetup.msi INSTALLLEVEL=70 /q