Remove Control Set Value

Used to remove a single Control Set field value


POST - /ControlSetValue/RemoveControlSetValue


Removes and/or blanks-out a value in a Control Set field.


The PKID of an existing entity. The PKID is found on the “Properties” tab of each entity within the Desktop Edition of HelpMaster.


The entity type that the Control Set is linked to. Supported values include:

  • Client
  • Site
  • Asset
  • Job
  • JobTemplate
  • ChangeRequest

The PKID of the Control Set to lookup. View the “Properties” tab of the Control Set in the Desktop Edition of HelpMaster.


The unique GUID of the individual control within the Control Set that you want to remove/blank-out. The GUID can be found by viewing the Control Set definition within the Desktop Edition of HelpMaster, or by using the Web API call Get Control Set Controls


  "entityLink": 88,
  "entityType": "Client",
  "controlSetLink": 8,
  "controlGUID": "416e06a1-256a-4318-84ac-270644f887e1"

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