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An email template is a pre-built email that is ready to send

An email template is a pre-made email, ready to use.  A template is written once, and then used many times over again.  Email templates can be used to quickly send common email content to recipients.  Email templates can be authored in HTML, or plain text and can include pictures, tables, text mark-up and other formatting as per the HTML specification.  Additionally, email templates can have embedded “tags”, or “tokens” within the subject or body of the email template.  These tags will be replaced with context-sensitive data just before the email is sent.  This allows you to create dynamic and powerful email templates that not only have a personal touch, but also form part of a powerful email response management system.

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Why use Email templates?

  1. Speed.  Email templates are used to speed up the process of sending email.  Rather than having to compose an email from scratch every time, you simply use a pre-made email template.

  2. Consistency. Email templates provide a way ensuring that each email you send is consistent, meaningful and contextually relevant via email template tags.

  3. Email response management.  Email templates are used by the Email Manager to send email as part of the job logging/add action email response management workflow.

Email templates can be linked, or associated with Action Templates.   Action Templates are used to update job.  When you link email templates to action templates, you can update a job, and send email at the same time.

This relationship is especially powerful, because you can link up to 5 different email templates to any one action template.  This means that you can send 5 different types of email to 5 different types of person every time you perform an action against a job.  This is especially helpful when you wish to send email to clients, staff, management, external vendors and others, from the one action.

action templates linking to email templates

For further information about how email template link to action templates, see Action templates

Working with Email Templates

Templates can be used when sending email via the regular "Send Email" screen, or they can be used when performing an action on a job.  The lower half of the action screen contains 5 drop-down boxes that are populated with the email templates that you have subscribed to.  By selecting a recipient type and then selecting the appropriate email template from the drop-down box, HelpMaster is able to send up to 5 different emails to 5 different people in one action.

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