Workflow Break

Workflow Break

A workflow break is used to break, or pause the workflow and prevent the next workflow object from automatically running. By default, each workflow object within HelpMaster will run automatically unless it is prevented via a workflow break, or an object that requires user-interaction. eg. A message box / input box.

workflow break


A workflow break can be inserted anywhere within the workflow (except the very first object, or ajoining another workflow break), and multiple breaks can be used within a workflow.

A workflow break can be configured to display a message to the current user, and also hide, or show the next workflow step.

Hiding the next workflow step is recommended when the current user has completed their part of a workflow, and they do not need to know about subsequent workflow. This is typical when a job is re-assigned to another team/person for the completion of a new part of the Software development > Software testing.

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