Overview for New HelpMaster Installations

Installing a new HelpMaster instance

This section of the helpfile has been designed for installing a new HelpMaster installation. If you are are upgrading from an existing version of HelpMaster, please refer to Upgrading from an existing version of HelpMaster.

Simplified overview of installation tasks

As a general guide, the installation of HelpMaster can be broken up into the following categories :

Pre-requisite steps

  1. Check that you have the latest versions of HelpMaster to install
  2. Check that your system meets the Technical Specifications
  3. You have already installed a compatible version of Microsoft SQL Server
  4. You have already installed Microsoft IIS and the Microsoft .NET Framework if you plan using the HelpMaster Web Portal

Pre-installation configuration steps

  1. Create the HelpMaster “Working Folders
  2. Create appropriate Windows network accounts and grant access privileges

HelpMaster contains modules that should be installed on both client and server style machines. As a general guide the information below explains where each product should be installed.

Modules to install on a client machine

The HelpMaster desktop application should be installed on every workstation where staff will be required to use HelpMaster. HelpMaster is licensed concurrently which means that you can install it on any number of computers, however the number of active logins is restricted by the number of licences you purchase.

  • Install the Desktop Edition of HelpMaster onto each client workstation
  • (Optional) Install the Crystal Reports runtime engine (Note! This is only available if you use the .exe installer)

Modules to install on a server machine

The following HelpMaster modules only need to be installed once on a server. They should not be installed on each client machine.

  • Install the HelpMaster Database and Reports Wizard

  • Install the HelpMaster Priority Manager (optional)

  • Install the HelpMaster Email Manager (optional)

  • Install the HelpMaster Active Directory Manager (optional)

  • Install the HelpMaster Automation Service (optional)

Modules to install on a web-server machine

The HelpMaster Web Portal should be installed on a computer that has been configured to be a web server. This machine requires Microsoft IIS 10.x or greater to be installed, configured and correctly secured for internet / intranet access. The web Portal only needs to be installed on one machine for access throughout the enterprise.

Post-installation configuration steps

It is recommended that the person or persons installing HelpMaster follow the steps outlined in this helpfile in the order they are listed. This will ensure a smooth and successful installation.

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