Crystal Reports Runtime engine

Standard reports are generated by the Crystal Reports runtime engine

The reports that ship with HelpMaster are built using Crystal Reports. This means that in order to run/view these reports, each computer that needs to view reports will require the Crystal Reports runtime engine to be installed.

The easiest way to do this is the run the HelpMaster installer (make sure you use the executable .exe version - not the .msi version) and use the option to install the run-time version of Crystal Reports as shown below.

Crystal Reports runtime engine

The Crystal Reports runtime can also be downloaded directly from the HelpMaster website here:

…or directly from SAP here:

Troubleshooting Report viewing

If you have installed the Crystal Reports runtime engine, but HelpMaster is still reporting that it cannot display the reports, it may indicate that a version mismatch has occurred. If this is the case, you can try:

  1. Install the version of the Crystal Reports runtime engine that shipped with your version of HelpMaster (see above)
  2. Use the HelpMaster preferences screen to disable version checking for Crystal Reports, and just use whatever version is installed. See Advanced Settings

Skip Crystal Reports Version check

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