Creating new clients

Creating new clients

When the “Create client” option is checked for a profile, the following options are available.

If Active Directory accounts have no first/last names

In some cases, there may be accounts existing in the Active Directory that have neither first nor last name and but still need to be created in HelpMaster. Under normal circumstances this would not be possible as HelpMaster requires clients to have either a first or a last name. Use the options here to either skip importing this user from AD, or to use the AD Windows UPN as the last name.

Client ID generation options

Use this option to specify how the new client’s HelpMaster ClientID is generated. You can elect to have the new Client ID to be automatically generated as per the settings defined in the HelpMaster Client ID generation settings, or to simply use the the AD Windows UPN as their last name.

Web licensing for clients

When creating clients, you have the ability to specify whether to create clients with associated Web client access license (CAL) or create the client without a CAL. CALs will only be allocated up to the number available in the license, after which point a log entry will be made and clients will not be assigned CALs.

NOTE: If changes are made to the license file (specifically, the number of CALs available has been increased), these changes will not be reflected until the service is restarted.

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