Failed test for working folders

Failed test for working folders

This test applies to the following modules

  1. Email Manager
  2. Priority Manager
  3. Active Directory Manager
  4. Web Portal

Why the test failed

This test failed because the HelpMaster working folders have not been set, or the account that is being tested does not have sufficient access to the HelpMaster working folders.  Each one of the module listed above requires read and write access to the HelpMaster database in order to perform their function.  This usually involves saving attachments to the common network attachments location.

How to fix it

  1. Check that the HelpMaster working folder location has been set. Logon to the HelpMaster desktop edition as an administrator and then use  the “Administration > System administration > Working folder locations” tab to examine the settings.  If they are not set, or are missing, set them now.  See  HelpMaster working folders for guidelines on how to configure these settings
  2. If the HelpMaster working folders have been set, open Windows Explorer and navigate to where your HelpMaster working folders are located.  Check the file permissions on each folder to ensure that read and write permissions for the account being tested are present.
  3. Update the file security settings for each folder (or the parent folder and propagate the changes to the child folders if using a folder hierarchy) to include read and write access to these folders

Still failing the test?

If the test still fails after checking and adjusting the items above, please contact PRD Software for technical support.