Pattern 6 - Scan folders and from address

Pattern 6 - Scan folders and from address

Style: General configuration

Visual Pattern:


Each Email Manager can scan multiple inboxes - even folders within inboxes. Manage sales, helpdesk accounts or even personal accounts with the one profile. Great for generic “Add action”, client response scenarios. See Pattern #3. This saves on creating duplicate profiles to do the same thing. Use the "From" address setting to ensure that all out-going email is sent using the same email address. This is great for scanning personal inbox accounts. The email is processed from one account, and the automatic reply is sent from another. Then, when the client responds to that email, it comes back to the helpdesk, not back to the personal account! Very clever.

Extending the pattern:

Scan folders of inboxes, public folders - anything you can browse to, you can scan. Try it out. Use the Email Manager as a “move wizard”. Set rules and just move email around if need be