Entering dates and times

Using the calendar control to enter dates and times

Date and Time Formats

The format for all dates and times that are displayed in the HelpMaster Desktop are determined by the Windows Regional format data selected from the Time & Language > Region settings of the computer that is currently running the HelpMaster application. Regional formatting may be selected independently from the time zone.

Windows Region Formatting

Time zone settings

By default all dates and times will display in the Time zone selected from Date & Time under the Windows Time & Language settings. This may be overridden in HelpMaster by selecting a different Time Zone from your client screen on the Personal tab and will display a Timezone mismatch warning in this case. Clicking the Fix button will change your HelpMaster time zone to match the computer’s selected time zone.

Time zone mismatch

Entering Dates and Times

Whenever entering dates and times into HelpMaster, a small calendar button is displayed next to the text box. Mouse selection of date / times can be entered as follows;

  1. Click on the calendar icon
  2. Select the date required
  3. Click the clock icon and select the desired time
  4. Click the Set buttons
  5. Click Apply to complete entry
    Calendar control

Keyboard entry is also available by selecting the portion of the date or time you wish to update and entering the numbers you want from the keyboard. You may also use the Up/Down toggle buttons after selecting the part you wish to change as follows;

  1. Click on day, month, year, hour or minute
  2. Use the Up/Down buttons (or keyboard Up/Down arrows) to change the value of the selected item
  3. Repeat for each section and click Apply
    Calendar control

Entering dates in/for another timezone

Entering dates in or for another timezone is easy.  Once the calendar control is displayed, click the Time zone link to expand the screen.

Set date using different timezone

Use the drop-down box to select the appropriate time zone to see how the date/time will look in that time zone.

Impersonate this timezone: Check this box to make it look like you entered the time in the selected zone. Whenever a date is entered, HelpMaster also stores the timezone that it was entered in.

Click OK

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