Modifying a job

Modifying a job

The details of a job may change over the course of its natural life-cycle. This may include updating the priority, adjusting the summary, re-classifying it, or changing some other detail or field.

All fields of a job may be modified by any staff member that has sufficient permission to do so.

Whenever a job or action is modified, the audit log tab will enable and will keep a permanent record of the change.

To update the details of a job, open the job, and change the required fields.

To update the details of an action, open the action and change the required fields.

Modifying a closed job

Sometimes it is necesary to adjust the details of a closed job, however you don’t want to re-open the job via another action to do so. Modifying a closed job can be performed by staff members that have sufficient permission to do so. This access is granted via the Application Security roleto which the staff member belongs. See Application Security Role > Feature Usage tab > Jobs and Actions section.

modifying a closed ticket

To modify a closed job, click on the Edit icon in the job toolbar. This will allow editing/adjusting of certain fields. Note - only some fields within the job can be modified in this manner. Things like adjusting clients, sites, assets, attachments etc are not possible via this method. To do these things, you will need to re-open the job via an action.

Re-opening a closed job

Re-opening a job is different from modifying a closed job. When a job is re-opened, it must be done via an action. See Re-opening a job for further details.

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