Web Portal Installation Overview

The Web Portal is hosted via IIS on a web server machine

HelpMaster has 2 web products - The Web Portal and the Web API. Both are installed via the Web Install Wizard.

Web Portal

The Web Portal is the web-based version of HelpMaster that is designed for staff and clients to use.


The Web API is a web-based API that developers and system integrators can use to programmatically access HelpMaster functionality.

IIS Overview

Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server) is the software that hosts the HelpMaster Web Portal and WebAPI and allows remote clients to use these applications via a web browser. IIS is a built-in component of Microsoft Windows, however it is not installed by default and you will need to turn on some features in order to host the web portal.

Below is a list of steps that will guide you through the installation process.

Please follow these steps sequentially and completely It may be helpful to print this page out and check off each step as it is completed.

Reboot notice

Please note that some of these installation steps may require a full system reboot. Please be aware of this so that you can schedule your installation at a time when it will cause minimal inconvenience to your network users.

Installation steps

Step 1 : Install IIS and other web components on your Web Server

Step 2 : Install and then Deploy the HelpMaster Web Portal to IIS

Step 3 : Configure the HelpMaster Web Portal for business use