Connectors and lines

Join workflow objects together to build processes

Workflow lines and workflow line connectors are used to join workflow elements together.  Once a workflow object has been placed on the workflow designer, they can be connected by drawing a line between them.  Each workflow object needs to be connected to at least one other workflow object via a line.

Workflow line connectors are optional to use - they don’t affect workflow in anyway.  Connections are just used to tidy the workflow canvas by providing a point in a line that can be re-positioned.


Joining workflow objects together by drawing a connector line between them.

Each workflow object has 2 or more connection points where they can be connected to other workflow items.

In order to join 2 workflow objects together, hover the mouse over the connection point of the object, and click.  A workflow line will appear.  Drag this line onto the connection point of the other workflow object.

connecting workflow objects

Split line

Sometimes it makes sense to split a connection line into one or more lines in order to clean-up the visual layout of the workflow.  By default, each workflow line takes a direct path between 2 objects.  Sometimes this means that the line will go right through another object or line, making the flow cluttered, or unclear.  When you split a line, this is purely for cosmetic purposes only - it won’t affect the workflow at all.

Join line

Join line is the opposite of split.  If you have a line with a connector in it, you can remove this easily by right-clicking on the line-join dot, and select “Join Line”.  This will remove the connector dot, and join the lines in its place.  Like Split, this is purely cosmetic only - it won’t affect the workflow at all.

Line style

Each line can be set to a curved, straight or square style. This is purely cosmetic and does not affect the workflow at all.

workflow connector join lines

Individual lines can be set, or the entire workflow can be set using the “Line Style” menu from the toolbar.

workflow connector join lines

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