Email Parser - Script

Email Parser - Script

The Email Manager parser script is a very powerful option that should only be used by experienced and knowledgeable HelpMaster database personnel. The script option allows you to perform custom database operations that can be used to create the email workflow that you require.

The script parser allows you to build an SQL statement that is then executed against your HelpMaster database as part of the parsing operations. The SQL that you write is completely up to you. You can write SQL that may perform the following operations.

  • Look up a value from the HelpMaster database that can later be used by another parser
  • Update data within the HelpMaster database that is based on the value of a parser
  • Delete data
  • Link entities together
  • … or anything else you can think of doing with SQL

The SQL that you use is completely customizable. It may be a simple SQL statement, or it could be a reference to a database stored procedure where you may have developed more advanced buinsess processing logic.

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