Common Functions

Common Functions

The Common Functions workflow object is used to perform common HelpMaster tasks.

workflow common function

Silent workflow object This workflow object runs silently, meaning it has no user interaction. Silent workflow object are displayed with this icon.


Select the Common Task item from the workflow menu. This will display the Common Task screen. Select which common task you want to use. Depending on which common task is used, you may need to provide input and/or output variables.

common process scripts itsm

In Variable: A variable that is used as an input variable. Select an existing variable as the input variable

Out Variable: This may be an optional setting. Depending on the type of decision, an output variable may be used to store a value that was returned from the decision process. Populating a variable in this manner can then be used in other workflow objects in other parts of the workflow.

If you would like to see a new Common Task, or Common Descision, contact PRD Software.

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