The logon screen

The first screen you see when HelpMaster is started.

You need to enter your user name and password to gain access to the software.


  1. Logon ID is the staff user’s Client ID, assigned to them in HelpMaster.
  2. Enter password, noting they are case sensitive. For example “PassWord” won’t work if “password” was originally typed in.
  3. Click OK.

Active Directory single-sign in

HelpMaster also supports an Active Directory based single-sign in authentication process. This is only available once you have configured and synchronized the HelpMaster Active Directory module.

If using Active Directory single-sign in, users will not see the logon screen, but will be logged straight in to HelpMaster. If the Active Directory sign-on fails, the logon screen will display, with the label “Active Directory Login has failed”. If this happens, the user will need to log in manually with their Logon ID and password.

Bypassing Active Directory single-sign in.

Holding down the right “Shift” key on the keyboard while opening HelpMaster will bypass the Active Directory login and display the logon screen.

Connect to a different database

HelpMaster can store up to 5 database connections. Click the Database label to the right of the OK button to display a list of all configured database connections.Whatever database is highlighted will be logged onto. From here you can also configure a new database connection.

HelpMaster stores the Desktop logon information in an XML file, located by default at ‘C:\ProgramData\PRD Software\HelpMaster\HelpMaster Application Settings.xml’ for a standard local machine login. The connection string is encrypted for security.

If accessing HelpMaster via Citrix or Terminal Server as a remote hosted application or when using a Remote Desktop connection the logon information will be located at ‘C:\Users\[UserProfile]\AppData\Roaming\PRD Software\HelpMaster\HelpMaster Application Settings.xml’.

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