Updating existing clients

Updating clients

When the “Update client” option is checked for a profile, the following 2 things will occur whenever the HelpMaster Active Directory service runs.

  1. A matching scan will take place in an attempt to link unassociated HelpMaster clients to their corresponding Active Directory user account. This matching scan is based on the matching pattern that you specify in the profile.

  2. All associated HelpMaster clients will be updated to reflect the information in the Active Directory.

Remember, the HelpMaster Active Directory service is a one-way data transfer with Active Directory being the source of information. This means that the data in Active Directory is never updated or deleted. It is only data in the HelpMaster database that will be affected. Data moves from Active Directory into HelpMaster and never the other way.

Use the Synchronization Field Mappings screen to determine which fields in the HelpMaster database are updated with data from Active Directory.

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