Client - Home page

The default landing page is the Home page

Title Bar

The title bar is the top most bar displaying the following items;

Company Name: Displays your company name as entered in the Web Settings

Job# Search Field: Enter a job number from any page here to quickly open the job

Help Icon ?: Clicking this takes you to the HelpMaster documentation (online help) site

User name: Displays the logged on user’s name

Log out: Click this hyperlink to log out of the web portal

Client Homepage

Home page Tile Objects

Once logged into the web portal, the default landing page is the Home page. This page gives an overview of available resources as follows;

Welcome: The welcome tile displays a welcome message created by the administrator

Search the Knowledge Base: A full text quick search tile for finding any relevant articles

Go to job#: Enter a job number to view it quickly

Approvals - Awaiting my approval (x): (v24+) Lists the last three approval requests awaiting a response. Click on each item to record your response

My requests that have been updated: Lists any recently updated requests by a service agent. Click to open the job. Click My Jobs… to view all of your jobs

Current Request Status: A visual indicator of the status of all requests. Blue = recently updated, Orange = still awaiting an update

Latest news: Organizational news or service news published by the service provider

Latest Knowledge Articles The newest knowledge base articles published by the service provider. Clicking on any will open the article

Featured Knowledge Articles Articles marked as featured by the service provider. Clicking any will open the article

For Client users, the left-side navigation menu will present the following options:

Home: Navigates to the home page

Log new request: Initiates logging a new request by navigating to the RequestCatalogs screen

View my jobs: Displays a list of jobs that has been logged by this user

Knowledge Base: Navigates to the Knowledge Base screen

Latest News: Navigates to the latest news page

Links: Display a list of custom links that have been configured by the adminstrator

About: Navigates to the About us page

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