Date based profile

Date based profile

A date based triggered event occurs when a specific date, or a recurring date is reached.

The following items need to be configured for each profile.

  1. The name of the profile
  2. The Date/Time or schedule when the event should execute

Log Job

Use this option to log a new job whenever the time-based trigger goes off. Select a job template to use when logging a new job.

If a primary client is already specified as part of the job template, the job will be logged for them. You can over-ride this setting by specifying a primary client in the text-box provided.

SQL section

Use the “Execute this SQL” option to run additional SQL whenever the profile is triggered. This is a powerful feature, however use with caution. It is recommended that only experienced database administrators familiar with the HelpMaster database schema use this option. The SQL that is entered here will be executed whenever the profile is scheduled to run, and just after the job is logged. If the <<JobNumber>> tag is used within the SQL statement, this will be substituted with the job number of the newly logged job. This allows great flexibility to create custom actions and database modifications.


Use this SQL to update the “To be completed by” date that is found on the “Options” tab of a job.

Update tblHelpdeskJobs Set ToBeCompletedBy = '2021/01/01' Where tblHelpdeskJobs.PKID = <<Job#>>

Use the “Check SQL” button to validate the syntax of any custom SQL that you enter in the text box.


Use this section to execute SQL whenever the profile is triggered. See the notes above.


Once a profile has completed its recurrence pattern lifecycle, you can specify whether to disable, or delete the profile.

Email Settings

Select an appropriate email account to be used for any email that the new job logging process may send.

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