Job Feedback

Survey your customers and clients about their service experience

Like the knowledge base feedback system, Jobs also include a flexible and powerful feedback system. This feedback system allows you to survey your clients and customers to see how your service delivery is going. Job feedback can be solicited at any stage of the job lifecycle, and there is no limit to the number of times that a user can submit feedback for an individual job. If desired, you can ask for feedback upon every update to a job.

Job feedback is attained by sending an email with a link to the job feedback form to the client. Use the special email tag <<Job_Satisfaction_Survey>>. This tag may be used in all out-going email for both clients and staff.

Configuring the Web Portal to be used with job feedback

In order to use the job feedback system, the HelpMaster Web Portal needs to be fully installed, configured and accessible to your clients and end-users who will be providing feedback.

  1. Install and configure the HelpMaster web portal for use
  2. Configure the web address
  3. Configure the feedback forms
  4. Configure the email templates

Configure the web address

In order for the feedback links in the email templates to work, you will need to specify the web address (URL) where your HelpMaster web portal is accessible from. This is configured in the Web Settings screen

Ensure that the URL you specify here is the root location for your HelpMaster Web Portal. This address/location will be determined by the bindings settings within IIS.

Configure the email templates

The <<Job_Satisfaction_Survey>> tag can be found under the “Job” menu in “Insert system tags” button.

web feedback survey satisfaction form

Use the job finder to search for jobs that have feedback.

Utilize the feedback / survey feature at any stage of a job - not just at the end. Send a feedback email link for every update if appropriate.

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