Purging Jobs

Permanently delete and remove jobs from your database

Purging jobs from HelpMaster means the complete and permanent deletion of all job data for a defined set of job(s).  System and database administrators may wish to use this process to clean out old data, or simply use it to trim down the size of the HelpMaster database.

This function only removes jobs.  It does not remove any other entities, or configuration - even if they are linked to the jobs being removed/purged.  All clients, sites, assets, templates, workflow etc will remain intact.  Only jobs are removed.

The basic principle behind purging jobs is to use the Job Finder to select the jobs, and then once you have confirmed your selection, the jobs will be permanently removed from your HelpMaster database.  


  1. Open the Purge Jobs screen via the Administration menu > Purge Jobs
  2. Click Next to skip the first screen of the wizard
  3. Click Add to display the Job Finder
  4. Use the job finder as normal to find all of the jobs that you wish to purge. 
  5. Click Find Now on the Job Finder to return the results back to the Purge Wizard
    • The View button on the Purge Jobs screen will display the job targeted for purging.
    • The Add button will display the Job Finder screen again. Use this to add more jobs to the list to be purged
    • The Remove button will remove whatever jobs are selected from the list of jobs to be purged.  The Remove button will not purge the jobs.
  6. When you are sure you have a list of all the jobs you wish to purge completely from the database, click Next
  7. Select which purge options you wish to use
  8. Click the Purge Selected Jobs button to permanently delete the selected jobs

Depending on how many jobs have been selected, purging the data may take some time.

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