Global Email Accounts

Global email accounts can be used by staff members to send email from

The purpose of a global email account is to allow staff members (and HelpMaster services - Email Manager, Priority Manager, Triggered Events) to use this account to send email with. This means that each user does not have to individually setup and configure a personal email account - they can just use the global, shared account that has already been configured by a HelpMaster administrator. This is handy if members of a team all share and use a common email account.

For example, a team of people working at a helpdesk, may all share the “” or the “” email account. In this example, the HelpMaster administrator would create a global account for these email addresses in HelpMaster and any member of the helpdesk could then use these email accounts to send email. Similarly, sales personnel can use a generic “sales” account. This has the following advantages:

  1. Individual staff members do not need to configure personal email accounts - they just use the global account configured by the HelpMaster administrator
  2. Staff members can use these generic/shared accounts to send email, instead of their personal email accounts/addresses. This ensures that any email reply will be delivered back to the generic account.
  3. Staff members (or services) using the email account send email with a “from” address that is consistent.
  4. HelpMaster administrators/service desk managers can configure certain email templates to always send with a particular “from” address.
  5. A consistent “from” addresses can be processed via the Email Manager for automated email-to-ticket conversion tracking.


Global email accounts are setup and configured by a HelpMaster staff account that has security permission to the “System Administration” screen.

global emailaccounts

Click Add Email Account to create a new email account. Use the Edit and Delete buttons to administer accordingly.


Do not let staff create their own email accounts (In user preferences screen)

When checked, staff will not be able to create personal email accounts via their User Preference > Email screen. This means that staff will have to rely on using a global email account that has been configured by a system administrator.

Do not auto-resolve email addresses

Check this box to disable email address resolution. HelpMaster will not try to resolve a common email address format ( into friendly name alias (John Smith). Use this option if you are having trouble with sending email, or email is getting stuck in the “Outbox”, or are having other email resolution issues.

Set as Default

Select an email account and click Set as Default to set that email account as the default. A default email account is the account that will be used by a staff member if they have not created a personal email account and set that as their default.

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