Billing Templates

Billing templates allow you to pre-define billing time and expense rates. Billing templates are used whenever an action is marked as “Is billable?”

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Billing Templates allow you to define different billing profiles that can be used whenever a chargeable (billable) action is performed on a job

There are 2 types of billing templates - fixed price, and cost per time. Use the Billing template detail screen to configure as many templates as your billing and financial needs require.

When a billing template is configured as a cost per time, or interval based, you need to specify how to round the interval.

Billing Template

For example:

The billing template shown above is configured to be time interval based where every hour = $100

The following chart displays how each rounding option affects the calculated price for this billing template. In this example, the time taken for an action is 45 minutes.

Round up $100 45 minutes rounded up to 1 hour

Round down $0 45 minutes rounded down to 0 hours

Nearest $100 45 minutes is closer to 1 hour than 0 hours, so 1 hour is chosen -effectively rounding up in this example.

Exact $75 45 minutes is 3/4 of 1 hour, therefore 3/4 of $100 is $75

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