Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements

Every IT business needs to have realistic but high standards, and Service Level Agreements (SLA's) are the first assurance your customers have that your services will be up to scratch. But how can HelpMaster help you company maintain its SLAs?

HelpMaster and SLAs

By using the entire HelpMaster suite, including the Email and Priority manager, you can easily keep track of how your helpdesk team are going, while enforcing business best-practices and maintaining your SLA’s. Here are a few ways to make sure that your company goals are met:

  • By using Templates to keep your workflow streamlined and conforming to procedures, you can minimize waste time and maximize efficiency.

  • The Priority Manager is a powerful escalation and SLA management tool, and when used effectively will ensure that your jobs are dealt with promptly. It can be configured to escalate overdue jobs

  • Using the Email Manager can greatly improve response times. By creating profiles to recognize common emails and log them into your database, and by automating responses, your customers will be happy, your staff will have improved turnover rates and your helpdesk will have greater efficiency.

  • The Client Access Web Module allows your clients to log, update, and close their own jobs. Doing this speeds up the job lifecycle, and your clients have the added benefit of being able to directly see how their problems are being handled.

  • HelpMaster contains a powerful reporting feature, allowing you to analyze your helpdesk in every detail so you can see what needs improving or changed.

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