System Administration

System administration, configuration and customisation

HelpMaster is a flexible and powerful system that can be configured for a wide range of business uses. The System administration options allow administrators to configure all aspects of HelpMaster for operational use.

Skillgroups and Security

Staff can be grouped into Skilgroups, and assigned a security role per skillgroup

System Codes

System codes are used to define settings, pick-lists, groups and more

Custom Data

Custom Data allows you to define custom data fields to store information against HelpMaster Entities

Classification Hierarchy

Used to classify jobs and knowledge base articles


Templates are the building blocks of configuration in HelpMaster.

Control Sets

Use Control Sets to create custom forms and capture data

System Integration

Use System Integration to integrate APIs, Microsoft 365, and G Suite with HelpMaster

Creating a new staff member

Staff are queue-holders in HelpMaster and belong to one or more skillgroups

Importing and Exporting

All HelpMaster data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server Database. Data can be imported, as well as exported.

Purging Jobs

Permanently delete and remove jobs from your database

Registering HelpMaster

Applying a HelpMaster license code

Entity Items

Business office hours

Logon settings

The logon settings tab allows system administrators to configure logon and password complexity settings

Logged on users

Web Licensing

Staff members require a web license in order to use the Web Portal


Is it job, ticket, incident, task, work-order, or thing?

Global Email Accounts

Default templates

Database Settings

General system settings

This screen is only available to HelpMaster system administrators

Working folders

A common network location where files are stored

Client Settings

Configure client entity system wide

Asset Settings

Use the Assets Option tab to configure settings used for the automatic generating of Asset IDs

Knowledge Base Settings

Auto assignment algorithm administration

System Event Log

The System Event Log records all system activity for audit and security purposes

Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions

Regular Expression Library

Regular Expression Library