Decision - Script / Data based

Decision - Script / Data based

A script / data based decision is a way of automatically controlling the direction of the workflow based on the results of a script.  This workflow object runs silently and automatically moves to the next appropriate workflow step depending on the results of the script. 

workflow script decision

Silent workflow object This workflow object runs silently, meaning it has no user interaction.  Silent workflow object are displayed with this icon.


The scripting language can either be SQL or Powershell. 

Use SQL to query a Microsoft SQL Server Database.  Use Powershell for other uses.

When SQL is selected as the script, the default connection will be for the HelpMaster database currently in use.  To access other Databases, use the SQL “Use” statement, or otherwise build the connection into your SQL script.

The direction flow will be determined via the results of the script.  Select the appropriate return result to set the direction flow.

Workflow Ideas

Use a script/data based decision to:

  • Look up a value in a database (HelpMaster or another) and progress one way or another
  • Use the power of the SQL Language to construct a Select Case statement for more complex descision branching and logic
  • Use Powershell to perform some task, and then branch based on the success of that task

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