Control Set Search

Control Set Search

Searching for control sets or control set data is done from each of the entity (Entity Types) search screens.

A simple search to find if the desired entity contains a particular control set or not can be done by just selecting the Control Set name alone. In this example we are searching only to see if any Clients contain the “Workstation Operating Environment” control set. The same principle applies to all other entities that can contain control sets. This includes Clients, Sites, Assets, Job Templates, and Jobs via Job Finder.

control set client search

Searching for control sets containing specific values can also be performed by selecting the Control Set, Control, Operator, and the Value you are searching for.

In the following example we are using the Job Finder to search for all Jobs with the “Workstation Operating Environment” control set values of “Is Training Required” set to “YesANDTraining type” set to “Advanced”. This kind of detailed search can also be performed with all of the following entities, Clients, Sites, Assets, Job Templates, and Jobs via Job Finder. With Job Finder any other search criteria can be combined with the control set search criteria to formulate very specific searches.

searching jobs via control set data

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