Reviewing Phase

Reviewing Phase

After a change request implementation has been performed, the next stage is to review the implementation.  This stage is part of quality control and to review the work that was performed.

Reviewing a change refers to the process of verifying and reviewing that the implementation phase of the change request was executed correctly.  Reviewing a change can take any of the following forms:

  • Referring to a existing job(s) to track and manage the review
  • Logging new job(s) to track and manage the review
  • Use the Request for Change record to record the review
  • Do nothing at all


Review details for the change can be found on the “Review” tab.

Depending on the complexity and scope of the change, the review stage can either be very simple, or as complex as you need it to be.

Simple Implementation - No additional job(s) to be logged

A simple change review refers to when there are no additional jobs that have been logged, or need to be logged to record and track the change review.  In this case, you can simply specify details about the review in the implementation text box (or not), and this becomes the “Review notes” for the change.  Using this simple model, all of the review details are stored with the change request, and appear on the Review tab.

Job-based implementation

For more complex change reviews, new jobs can be logged that will record and track the change review.  If existing jobs have already been logged for this purpose, these can also be linked to the change record.

When a job-based review is used, this means that existing jobs, or new jobs will contain all of the definition, the workflow and process of a regular job that will be used for the review work.  These jobs may be based off-of Job Templates as per usual.

When a change request is created via a Change Request Template, any Job Templates that are linked to the Change Template will be transferred into the change and appear as “jobs to do” on the Review tab.  Use the toolbar button to convert the job template into a real job.

When review jobs are logged from, or linked to a change request, these will need to be completed (closed) before the change can be closed.

Note: The review phase of a change is performed in HelpMaster in a functionally similar way to the implementation phase.

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