Knowledge Base article ID auto generation

Knowledge Base article ID auto generation

Each knowledge base article that is created needs to have a unique “Knowledge base article ID”.  This field serves to uniquely identify an article so that it can be referenced.

A knowledge base article ID can be manually specified, or automatically generated. 

Manually specifying an article ID

Manually specifying a knowledge base article ID is easy - simply type whatever you want in the “Article ID” text box - that’s it.  If the text you have entered is not unique, HelpMaster will let you know.

Automatically generating an article ID

Use the Administration > KB Administration menu > Article ID tab to configure the options for the Knowledge base article ID auto generation.  Choose from the following 3 options.

Category + Number

This style of auto ID is based around the category classification that is given to the knowledge base article.  The ID is generated from a combination of the article category + a unique, sequential number.  The knowledge base artilce ID is generated only after a knowledge base category is selected from the drop-down box.

Prefixed number

The style of auto ID is based around a common word and then a unique, sequential number


Use this option to disable auto ID generation.  The user creating the new knowledge base article will have to specify their own, unique ID.