Tip of the day

Short, snappy tips to help you get the most out of HelpMaster

The Tip of the Day feature is a short and helpful message that appears when you first logon to HelpMaster.  It can also be accessed via the Help menu.

The Tip of the Day can be turned off by simply unselecting the check box on the “Tip of the Day” screen itself.  If in the future you wish to turn the tip of the day feature back on, use the User Preferences screen and check the “Show Tip of the day” upon startup checkbox"

Editing Tips

Edit the tipofday.txt file(s) that resides in the “ProgramData/PRDSoftware/HelpMaster/Tip of the day/” folder with Windows Notepad or a similar text editor. The accepted format is for each tip to be written on a single line with a carriage return at the end.

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