Auto logon - Desktop

Auto logon - Desktop

The HelpMaster Active Directory module allows an automatic logon into all HelpMaster modules once a person has already logged into Windows. This means that you never have to see another HelpMaster logon screen, or remember a separate HelpMaster logon.

When configured correctly, a HelpMaster user that is already authenticated on Windows (ie. they are logged into Windows using their network/domain account), only has to run any HelpMaster module and they will automatically be logged on.  In order for this feature to work, each user of HelpMaster must first be associated with their corresponding Active Directory user account. 

Nnote that the Web Portal requires additional configuration in order for this process to work.

These instructions relate to the automatic logon for the following HelpMaster modules.  For the HelpMaster Web Portal configuraton, please see HelpMaster Web Portal

Step 1.  Setup and configure the HelpMaster Active Directory module

Before any Windows-based authentication can take place for any of the HelpMaster modules, including the Web Portal, you will need to first install, configure and run the HelpMaster Active Directory module to synchronize your HelpMaster users with a valid Active Directory account.  See Active Directory Module Overview for the installation and configuration process

Step 2. Configure the HelpMaster modules to accept an Active Directory logon

To enable automatic HelpMaster Active Directory logon for all module except the Web Portal see Logon Settings

Bypassing the automatic logon process

If the HelpMaster auto-logon setting is enabled, and you wish to bypass this and see the login screen (usually with the intention of logging in with another account, or to another database), simply start the HelpMaster while holding down the shift key.

This will display the regular HelpMaster logon screen.

When automatic Active Directory logon fails

If the Active Directory logon method fails for any reason, a small note will be displayed on the logon screen.  Failure may occur for the following reasons.

  1. The system could not link your Windows account to an Active Directory-synchronized HelpMaster account

  2. The system found more than one HelpMaster

    Active Directory-synchronized HelpMaster accounts.  In this case, please refer to Active Directory Duplication troubleshooter

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