Asset Overview

An asset in HelpMaster is a piece of equipment such as a computer, a printer, a car, a piece of furniture etc. In ITIL/CMDB terminology, an asset is also called a configuration item, or CI.

Asset Configuration Item CI CMDB

Icons used throughout HelpMaster


Asset service request

Relationship with other HelpMaster entities

Assets can be linked to:

  • a Job when it is logged
  • an individual Client
  • a Site
  • a Change Management Request for change
  • other assets

Information recorded

An asset can have the following data recorded against it:

  • General - ID, serial number, service tag, manufacturer, product key, status etc.
  • Purchase and warranty details.
  • Links - What other entities are associated to the asset, eg. it’s site (location).
  • Service history details.
  • Properties - Notes section for any extra information wanted.
  • Custom - Include any of your user defined fields.

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