Business office hours

Set the office hours that your business operates in. This will be used to calculate age, SLA and time tracking

The Business Office hours screen allows the system administrator to configure the hours that the business operates under.

The working hours set here will be used to calculate the age of jobs for all of the jobs logged within HelpMaster, regardless of which site, or client the job is logged for.

The age of a job refers to the duration of time between when the job was logged, and when it was closed. It also includes the intervals of time between each action.

Business Hours time zone

Set the time zone that will be used to calculate the age of the jobs. The age of all jobs - no matter where they are logged, who they are for (site/client) will be calculated from the perspective of this timezone, and the days/hours specified.

Whenever the business hours are changed, this has the potential to affect the age of any job that has been logged within HelpMaster. This can lead to significant changes in the age of jobs / saved searches that rely on specific age-related search criteria, Priority Manager escalation and SLA automation, as well as reports and other data.

If you change the business hours, please be aware of the following options, and what they will do to your data.

Update complete history (default option)

Use this options to re-calculate the age of all jobs within the system. This includes every job that has ever been logged, including closed jobs. Once this option is used and applied, each job may have a different age and time-line representation to reflect your new settings. Please note that once this option is applied, you will not be able to revert to past settings and business hours that were used to calculate the age of a job as it was during the time it was initially logged, worked-on and closed. All jobs will be updated within the system.

If in doubt about what this does, please make a database backup before applying changes.

Update from today on only

Use this option to only affect the calculation of the age of jobs from this point in time onward. All jobs that were logged, actioned and closed before this time will preserve their age and interval data up to this time, and then the new dates and time will be used to calculate time intervals.

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