Google Maps

Google Maps

The Google Map Addin displays an extra tab on the Client and Site screens of HelpMaster and displays the Google Map for the primary address listed for a client or site.


  1.  Open the HelpMaster Addin Manager by clicking on the User menu from the main Ribbon bar, and selecting AddIn Manager

  2. If the Google addin is not already listed, click **Scan for new addins. ** When the Google addin is found, click yes to add it to HelpMaster.

  3. Check the Enabled checkbox next to the Google Maps addin to enable it for use within HelpMaster

  4. Click the Option buttons to display the Google Maps configuration screen.

  5. Choose the configuration settings you prefer and click OK.

How HelpMaster uses the Google Maps Addin

The Google Map add-in has been developed to display a new tab on the Client screen, and display the map details for the address of the client being viewed.