Quick start guide - overview

Configuration quick start overview

Quick Start Guide - Overview

Welcome to the HelpMaster Quick Start Guide. This series of articles will guide you through some of the basic configuration steps that will get your helpdesk up and running in a short period of time.

This Quick Start Series has been divided into 2 parts and intended for the following roles :

HelpMaster administrators

The first part is intended for the person responsible for initially setting up HelpMaster - herein referred to as the HelpMaster administrator. Read this first quick start section if you are the person who has just installed HelpMaster for the first time and want to configure some of the system settings, enter some basic data and environment settings and provide a framework for the rest of the HelpMaster users. If this is you, please click here.

Non-administrators - general staff/agents

The second part is intended for individual staff members who are new to HelpMaster, but who do not have an administrative role.  In other words, you are using HelpMaster but are not responsible for the initial installation and configuration.  You have basically just been given this software to use, and you want to know how to get started.  If this is you, please click click here