Full text configuration

Full text configuration


In order to be able to setup full text searching the following criteria must be met:

  1. SQL Server must have full text searching components installed and configured for use.  These components are optional during the installation of SQL Server.
  2. The SQL Express edition that ships with HelpMaster does not have full text searching components included due to size limitations. You can however, download the necessary components from Microsoft.

How do you set up full text searching with HelpMaster?

Once you have installed and configured the SQL Server full text searching engine for SQL Server (see links above), you will need to use the HelpMaster Database and Reports Wizard to configure the full text catalogs.

Run the Database and Reports Wizard and then navigate through the following menu structure to arrive at the screen below, Start > Database and Reports Tools > Connect to SQL Server > Database Tools and click on the Fulltext searching tab. Select your database and click the Setup\rebuild full text searching button.

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