Specifying which folders to scan

Specifying which folders to scan

An initial step in configuring an Email Manager profile is to specify which email folder(s) to scan.  The Email Manager can scan multiple email “inboxes” or other folders in a range of different mail systems.

  1. Click the Add button to display the Select Mailbox Folder screen.  If this is the first time you have accessed this screen, HelpMaster will perform an initial scan of your mail system to determine the folder structure.  This scan will be based onthe type of email connectivity that has been specified in the “Email Connectivity tab on the Email Manager Profiles screen.  This can be refreshed at any time by clicking the “Reload mail boxes” button. 

  2. Select the email folder you wish to scan

  3. Select the appropriate option for either “Process ‘Unread’ email only, or “Process all email”.  If using “Process all email”, please check how many unread emails you have in the folder you are scanning (It could be a lot!)

  4. Select a date range to scan.  Only email that were received within this date range will be considered for processing.

  5. Click OK

Repeat this step to add additional mailboxes to scan

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