Dealing with duplication

Dealing with duplication

Due to the way that HelpMaster clients are matched to Active Directory users via the client pattern matching algorithm, there may be times when the same Active Directory user is mapped to more than one HelpMaster client.  This may occur for a number of reasons.  If this ever occurs, the duplication will appear in the list on the “Synchronize duplicates” tab of the Active Directory Administration screen.

Use this screen to unassociate clients that have been incorrectly matched.

Remember that the next time the Active Directory service runs, any unassociated clients that are Active Directory enabled will be examined and potentially re-associated with an Active Directory user.  If duplication continues to be an issue, you may consider using a different client pattern matching option, or disabling the HelpMaster client from being Active Directory enabled.

Why Duplication occurs

The most common reason for duplicates to appear in the Active Directory Duplicates tab is because duplicate clients already exist in the HelpMaster database.  When the Active Directory service runs, it is simply finding more than one HelpMaster client that match the same Active Directory account for the client pattern matching algorithm that you chose for that Active Directory profile.  When duplicates occur, it is recommended that you clean up your database and remove the duplicates.  This may involved deleting one or more clients, so that only one version of the same client exists in your HelpMaster database.

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