Quick start guide - Administrator Advanced

Quick start guide - Administrator Advanced

Before you begin

It is intended that this Quick Start guide should be followed only after HelpMaster has been installed, and you have been able to logon to the Desktop Edition.

If you are looking for instructions on how to install HelpMaster, or how to configure the database, please refer to the Installation Overview

Additionally, these steps should only be performed after all of the basic administration steps have been completed.

Quick start for HelpMaster administrators

The following steps are recommended so that your helpdesk is set up with a workable minimum of functionality in the shortest possible time.

It is highly recommended that before any configuration settings or system codes are defined, that the entire helpdesk staff team and other users of HelpMaster get together to discuss the business practices and rules of the company. This discussion will greatly assist the administrator when configuring HelpMaster. It will be highly beneficial if you can discuss with first level support, second level support, managers and even key clients within your enterprise some of the issues outlined below. The more input you can gather from your users, the better you will be able to “tune” HelpMaster to serve your helpdesk needs efficiently. It may be helpful to discuss different “helpdesk scenarios”, with different “client profiles” and business requirements.

We suggest that you work through the examples and scenarios on a whiteboard, or another form of general display and discuss the various system codes, issues and workflow processes before starting on the actual software configuration.

How to use this page

Follow the steps below by clicking on the link to move to the relevant section in this help file.

Create knowledge base articles

Knowledge base articles are a series of documents that contain valuable information about particular issues. These can be referred to by helpdesk jobs and are useful in diagnosing and providing assistance in resolving helpdesk jobs and other business tasks.

Enter asset information

Assets are items of equipment. If you helpdesk requires an “asset register”, use this step to enter information about them. Once you have a list of assets within your helpdesk, they can be linked to clients, helpdesk jobs and other entities.

Define custom user-defined fields / Control Sets / Entity Items

Configure the Priority Manager

Configure the Email Manager for email-to-ticket conversion

Configure Triggered Events to automatically do things….

Configure Active Directory Synchronization