Is it job, ticket, incident, task, work-order, or thing?

The Terminology screen allows the System Administrator to define the language, or terminology that HelpMaster uses to display the different entities of the program. For example, you can tell HelpMaster to call your “clients”, “customers” and your “staff”, “technicians”

Changing the Terminology changes the captions of on-screen Labels, Text Boxes, Drop-Down boxes, Screen Captions, and Screen Displays.

The Terminology screen is opened by clicking on the Terminology option of the Administration menu.


  1. Open the Terminology screen
  2. Select and then click on the Friendly Name you wish to change
  3. Enter the new friendly name when the rename box appears
  4. Click on OK

Note. Once you have changed terminology settings, staff will need to log out, then log in again to see the changes take effect.