Email Manager Event Log

Use the Event Log to troubleshoot Email Manager or confirm actions

Every action that is performed by the Email Manager is logged to both the Windows Event Log as well as the Email Manager Event Log.  The event log can be filtered so that only certain types of events, or events of a specified time are displayed.  Event logging properties are configured via the Service Setup screen.

It is a good practice to scan this event log regularly. The image below shows the new Email Manager event log screen implemented from HelpMaster v22 onwards. Older versions will have differences in the interface and options below.


Various filter options are available based on profiles, verbose logging, log type, number / date of logs, and the refresh interval.

Filter by Profile (v22 Only)

Select a specific Email Manager Profile to view logs only pertaining to that one profile.

Load Verbose Logs (v22 Only)

Clicking the Load Verbose Logs button will display 100 verbose (detailed) logs both before and after the selected general log item.

Filter by type

Selecting this option will only show the selected log types. Eg. If you are having trouble starting or stopping the Email Manager service select Service Start/Stop to show only those types of log items.

Show log entries for the last

Select the number of logs, the time span, all items, or a custom date range of logs to be displayed.

Auto Refresh results interval

Selecting manual will cause the logs to refresh only when the refresh button (green circular arrows) is clicked. Select another interval eg. 5 secs if monitoring to see if your new Email Manager profile is actually working.

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