Defining a profile - Setting the frequency

Defining a profile - Setting the frequency

The time interval determines how frequently a profile is executed, as well as how often a job may be actioned by a particular profile.  It is administered from the “Frequency” tab on the Priority Manager profile screen.

Explanation of settings

Run profile frequency

This section and settings relate to how often the profile will be executed.  Remember that every time a profile is executed, it will perform a query against the HelpMaster database, “looking” for jobs that match the Search definition, and then actioning such jobs.  Use the settings here to set this interval.

Only run within working hours : Check this box if you want the > profile to run only within the office working hours that you have > defined for your [Business > Hours]

Action Recurrence Frequency

This section and settings relate to how often each individual job should be affected by this particular profile.  When setting up Priority Manager profiles for service level agreements and escalations, it is often desirable to limit the number of times a job is affected by a profile.  For example, you may have a profile that runs every 5 minutes looking for overdue jobs.  One of the actions that you specify within the profile is to send an email to the staff member that the job is assigned to.  If you do not change the default Action Recurrence Frequency settings settings, that staff member will receive an email every 5 minutes!  The way to manage this is to set the Action Recurrence Frequency settings.

Perform all actions EVERY TIME this profile is run for all jobs found by this schedule : Every time the profile runs and finds jobs within its search criteria, all of the jobs will be actioned every time with all of the actions and email defined in the profile.

Perform all actions ONLY ONCE per job found by this profile : Use this setting to perform the actions within the profile only once per job.  This type of frequency may be useful for a profile that sends an email when a job is within 1 hour of its completion date.  In this case, you only want the email to be sent once per job for this profile.

Perform all actions every X Times per job found by this profile : Use this setting to repeat the actions within the profile on a regular basis for each job that the profile finds.  This type of frequency may be useful for sending an email to staff every hour when a job is overdue.

Reset Frequency button

Clicking this button will reset the frequency counters for any jobs that have been previously affected by this profile.  This means that any jobs that have already been actioned by the Priority Manager for this profile and are currently marked as “Do once”, or “Repeat every…” will be cleared from their status.  The next time the profile runs after resetting the Action Recurrence Frequency, all jobs that are “found” by the profile will be actioned.