Jobs are not being logged

Jobs are not being logged


The Email Manager has been configured for use, however no jobs are being logged even though email is in the "Inbox".

Things to check

The Service

  1. Is the service actually running? Check Running and Stopping the Email Manager Service.
  2. Is the service scanning the correct inbox in the correct email profile? Check the Service Properties tab
  3. Is the service connected to the correct database? Sometimes if you've been working on a demonstration or testing database, you can forget to set the database connection to your live database. Check the database connection string in the Service Properties tab

The Profiles

  1. Has an appropriate profile been created to target the email? In other words, has a profile been created that is looking for the words contained in this email? Are there any exclusions within the search criteria that are preventing an email from being logged? See Defining Search Criteria
  2. Is the profile that you expect to action an email enabled? By default, Email Manager profiles are created in a disabled state - you need to check the "Is profile enabled" checkbox to activate it.
  3. Do the email folders that the profile is scanning still exist? Have they changed in some way? Sometimes email inboxes / folders change name, location, or security permission. This will happen if the Outlook profile is deleted and then re-created. Double check that the Email Manager service account has access to each of the folders specified for each of the Email Manager profiles.
  4. Has the Outlook profile that the Email Manager is used been deleted, and re-created? If so, all of the email folder settings for each Email Manager profile will need to be re-configured.

The email

  1. Is the email marked as unread? The service will only scan messages that are marked as unread. For Microsoft Outlook users, this means the message will be bold.
  2. Is the person that sent the email a registered client within HelpMaster? Remember that their email address in HelpMaster must match the email address that was used to send the email. If they are not a client, you may want to check the "Create new client" checkbox on the Log New job action.
  3. Is the email a blacklisted email? If so, this email will not be processed.

The operating system / technical specifications

  1. Does the machine that the service is running on match the Technical Specifications? Does it have Outlook 2003 / 2007 installed? Have the latest service packs been applied?

The Outlook profile

Sometimes Microsoft Outlook profiles become corrupt, or damaged. When this occurs, the Email Manager may not work, or produce unexpected results.

When Outlook profiles are created, they are created under the security context of the account that was logged into the machine at the time. If this account is/was different to the Email Manager service account, then it may be helpful to do the following:

  1. Delete the Outlook profile
  2. Log off the machine
  3. Log onto the machine using the Email Manager service account
  4. Re-create the Outlook profile
  5. Using the HelpMaster Email Manager, open each of the Profiles and re-select every one of the email folders that are used throughout the profile. This includes all scan folders, move folders, blacklist folders etc.

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