Automatic Assignment

Automatic Assignment

Auto assignment is a feature that allows the assignment of a job to a staff member that is based on a pre-defined algorithm.  Auto assignment algorithms work by choosing a staff member within a skillgroup that matches the criteria of the algorithm used. 

Auto-assignment is available whenever a skillgroup is selected as the “Assign to” recipient.  This may be set within an Action Template, or used whenever the Action screen is used to re-assign a job.

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The following auto-assignment algorithms are available:

Auto-assignment algorithms

Round Robin

Each staff member within the skillgroup takes turns at being assigned jobs.  This is simply a sequential rotational system.  Staff members may be excluded from round-robin assignment by updating their details in the Skillgroup Administration screen.

Lowest job count

This algorithm chooses the staff member within a skillgroup that has the lowest job count.  In the event that multiple staff members have the same lowest job count, the auto-assignment will be based on the secondary algorithm that was chosen.


A random selected is made from each staff member within a skillgroup.


The staff member that is closest to the job is selected as the assignee.  In order for this algorithm to work correctly, both the client, and the staff member need to have their geographical location stored in HelpMaster.

Custom - Stored Procedure

Use this option if you wish to use a custom-built database stored-procedure to determine the assignment.  This is a good option if you have specific assignment requirements, or wish to invent your own assignment algorithm.  Use the power and complete flexibility of a TSQL stored procedure to return the appropriate staff member to assign a job to. 

When this option is selected, HelpMaster will used the return value of the stored procedure called "stpAutoAssignCustom" to assign the job.  This contents/logic of this stored procedure may be modified as you see fit, however the name of it, and the input parameter “@Skillgroup” must remain the same.  When used, HelpMaster will call this stored procedure and pass the Skillgroup ID for the skillgroup being considered. 

The stored procedure should return a single ID that resolves to the staff member that should be assigned the job.  In the event that multiple IDs are returned, HelpMaster will choose the first.

Note!  Using this option will over-ride all assignment exclusions configured in HelpMaster (see below).  It is up to you to develop the algorithm, and it will have the final say in the assignment process.


Each auto-assign algorithm will observe the following settings for each staff member.

Welcome Screen:  Able to be assigned jobs?  If this setting is set to “No”, then the staff member will be not be considered in the algorithm calculations.

Skillgroup administration screen:  Exceptions listed here

Secondary algorithms

In the event that an algorithm returns multiple staff members as assignee candidates, a secondary algorithm must be used to select an individual.  Multiple staff candidates may result when using algorithms such as “Lowest Job Count”, “Geographical”.  It is not possible to assign a job to more than one person at a time, so another algorithm must be used.

Use the “Auto-Assignment administration” tab on the System Administration screen to configure the precedence of the auto-assign algorithms.

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