Workflow Milestones

Workflow Milestones

Workflow milestone

Milestones are defined markers that identify a specific point within a workflow.  Milestones are used to track the progress of a workflow and allow you to identify key-points that have been reached within the workflow.  One or more milestones can be used within a workflow and these can be used to trigger further actions (workflow objects, notifications, alerts, email etc.), or simply be used for reporting and statistical feedback.

Silent workflow object

Silent workflow object are displayed with this icon. Running silently means it has no user interaction.   

When a milestone is reached in a workflow, it is logged in the workflow log with the date/time and the specific job/workflow that it was associated with.

  • Milestones can either be local to a specific workflow, or global.
  • Milestones can be manually set, or automatically set as part of a workflow.
  • Milestones can be used as an alternative to using job status codes to track the progress of a job.

Local Milestones

Local milestones are milestones that are defined within a specific workflow, and are only visible and used from that workflow.

Global Milestones

Global milestones can be used in any workflow, and can be shared across workflows.


Milestones can be placed anywhere within the workflow.  They do not have any user interaction - they are simply marked as being set once the workflow passes them.  Simply connect a milestone in-line with other workflow objects.  When this stage of the workflow is reached, the milestone will be marked as being reached, and the time and date will be recorded against the milestone for that job.

Multiple milestones can be used in the same workflow, or the same milestone can be used in different parts of the same workflow.

Workflow process milestone


The workflow panel will display any milestones that have been reached along the bottom of the panel.

Completed workflow milestones

Workflow Ideas

Use Milestones to trigger escalation.  Use the Job Finder to search for a completed milestone, and then use this result as the basis for a Priority Manager profile.

Use Milestones to alert, or to trigger a Priority Manager profile

Use Milestones to define a hand-off point


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